Amber - Dental Hygienist

Listening to and getting to know our great patients, discovering our shared experiences and interests, makes my day rewarding. Our patients come from such diverse backgrounds and I learn so much from them, as we work together toward great oral health. My job duties involve interacting with our patients and providing dental services, including taking X-rays, performing regular cleanings and periodontal cleanings, root planing and scaling, periodontal charting, and administering local anesthetics and nitrous oxide. I also spend a lot of time teaching our patients how best to care for their teeth and gums between visits.

I am highly energetic and everyone here calls me “Spazz” because I’m always on the go, whether I’m at work or at home. I love going to the gym and have played softball for the past 17 years. I’m also a big fan of the Tigers, Red Wings, and State. 

Amy - Dental Hygienist

Making our patients smile during their visits with us, and having them take an active interest in the health of their gums, teeth, and body, are the best parts of my job. I love that I get to provide care for such interesting people and that we work together for healthy smiles! My job entails spending a lot of time with our patients, providing prophylactic cleanings, scaling and root planing, taking X-rays, and administering nitrous oxide and local anesthetics. I also devote much of my time to helping our patients understand their oral hygiene needs and how to meet those needs between checkups.

When I’m not at work, chances are that I’m spending time with my husband Will and our children, Danni, Madison, and Jake. I also love running, traveling, shopping, and going to concerts. Of course, I’m a big fan of the Detroit Tigers!

Becky - Dental Hygienist / TEam Leader

I love having fun with all of our patients, but especially the younger ones. Seeing them get excited about caring for their teeth and gums between visits, and how happy they are when they have a good checkup, is wonderful! In addition to coordinating our hygiene staff, I also perform regular and periodontal cleanings, root planing and scaling, periodontal charting, administer anesthetic, and take X-rays, too.

My home life revolves around my husband Tony and our three children, Nicholas, Patrick, and Carly. I love giving back to our community through service projects. I also enjoy knitting, reading, and spending time with my family on Sandy Lake.

Beth - Office Team Leader

I love coming into our office, not just because I have amazing colleagues and we work so well as a team, but because we really do create amazing, healthy smiles for our patients. Working with people, getting to know them and making sure that they receive excellent and compassionate care, is always our focus. I handle many duties in our practice, including serving as our doctor liaison, overseeing consultations, and being our training and patient care coordinator. I am also the staffing specialist. I believe in going the extra mile to help our patients, and when I know we’ve improved the life of someone we’ve cared for, I am so happy.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with my family, including my husband Roger, our two children, Mike and Karsyn, and our adorable dog, Sparty. We love going on family trips on our camper and are avid sports fans, watching all the games!

Debra - Dental Assistant

Making our patients feel safe and comfortable while they are with us, and helping them achieve the smile that they want, is what I love to do. I work chairside, with Dr. Kellogg and Dr. Bishop, assisting with patient treatment processes. I also provide patient care and education, take X-rays, and sterilize equipment and treatment areas. The best part of my work, though, is interacting with our patients, talking with them about their lives, and then discussing with them what will happen during their treatment and answering their questions. I am able to provide reassurance to the more reticent patients, because I know they will experience no discomfort while with us. I’ve worked in dentistry for 25 years and I love the field.

When I’m not here in the office, I’m working on plans to renovate the early 1900s farmhouse I just moved into with my husband Wayne and our two dogs and two cats. Our family is rounded out by our son, Joshua, who is enrolled at the University of Alabama.

Kim - Front Office Team Leader

The best part of my job is the people we treat. Finding ways to make sure that they can afford dental care, and then seeing the end results and our patients’ satisfaction with their beautiful smiles, makes me smile. I oversee everything handled by our front office, including acting as our patient care coordinator, handling treatment planning and consultations, and scheduling patients. I am also the insurance liaison, which means I make sure that our patients get the most out of their insurance benefits. I’ve actually been a part of our office since I was three years old — as a patient! Then I worked here through a co-op program offered through my high school, and I’ve never left.

Outside of work, I love spending my time with friends and my family, especially Joe, my husband, and adorable son Luke. We love going to our cabin up north during the summer months. 

Kristin - Hygiene Coordinator

I love it that I handle our patient scheduling. That means I get to work with our patients to find times that work with their schedule, making it easier for them to get the dental care that they need in a timely manner. I also maintain our hygiene schedule, input patient data, check in patients when they arrive, and obtain insurance benefit summaries, in addition to answering calls. I also work on administrative and marketing projects. Yes, I am busy, but never too busy for a quick chat with our patients and their families. 

I recently moved here from Florida with my daughters, Lilliana and Isabella, and we’re still getting to know the area. Our patients have been great about providing tips on where to go and what to do!

Sunny - Dental Assistant Team LEader

Helping people is what I am all about. Whether I am making sure that our team has the support that they need to provide excellent care or ensuring that our patients have a great experience during their visits, I am always focused on seamless coordination. In addition to directing our dental assistants and managing patient flow, I also assist Dr. Kellogg and Dr. Bishop with treatments, take patient X-rays, and sterilize treatment equipment and areas. But the best part of my work is educating our patients, helping those we serve become engaged in their oral healthcare needs.

Away from work, I keep very busy with my family, which includes my husband Derek and six children: Alex, Aaron, Adam, McKenna, Brenna, and Aiden. We love going boating and attending concerts. 

April - Front Desk

It is my job to make a great first impression on my patients, and I do that with a big smile from our front desk! I'm here to assist patients with all their appointment, insurance verification, and check-in needs. From the moment our patients enter our office, I want them to feel safe, comfortable, and confidence in the care they receive. I am so grateful to work with such talented doctors and see our practice grow. I love that our team is so friendly, fun, and pleasant to be around. It makes coming into the office every day easy! 

When I'm not at work, I love spending time in the outdoors. I also love helping in the community and giving to those in need.

Cyndi S - Dental Assistant

I am here to assist Drs. Kellogg and Kim with many of our patients' procedures. I also take X-rays, help with exams, update patient records, and answer any questions our patients have about their treatment. Another important aspect of my job is providing patient education, so they can keep their smiles healthy and happy at home. I want all our patients to have the best dental experience possible, so I do whatever I can to ease anxiety and make them comfortable. I really enjoy working with our patients, but I can't forget about my teammates. Everyone here is great! We all look forward to coming to work and we always have our patients' best interests in mind. 

My husband and I live in Pinckney. We have a six-year-old little girl and are expecting our second child in December of 2015. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, running, and spending time with my family.

Michelle - Dental Assistant

When a patient achieves the smile that they want, and their joy is obvious, I am filled with pride. It’s amazing to be part of changing someone’s life, improving their oral health and overall well being, while also increasing their self-confidence and how they feel about themselves. I spend my days performing many tasks, from educating patients to assisting our doctors as they treat and tend to our patients. I also handle clinical charting, review treatment plans with patients, set up rooms, and sterilize equipment and instruments. Since I get to spend time with our patients, I get to know them and I really enjoy how much I learn from our conversations.

I am a twin! I love to stay busy running, playing sports and spending time outdoors. I have always had a passion for hunting and volleyball.

Rachel - Front Desk

I help make our patients feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they walk through our office doors. From our front desk, I assist with patient check-out, payment processing, financial/insurance estimates, and consultations. As a high school student, I participated in co-op and worked part time in a dental office. I fell in love with the passion my coworkers had for helping their patients. Twenty-two years later, I have had the great fortune of working with hundreds, if not thousands, of patients in helping them see their personal dental goals come to fruition.

At home, my husband Jason and I have four sons: Alec, Nicholas, Collin, and Brody. We enjoy camping up North during the summer months, and Jason and I are avid spectators at all of our boys' sports events.

Renee - Front Desk

I’m truly a people person and I love that my work day is spent talking with different people, hearing about their lives and sharing stories. Each morning brings with it new opportunities to talk with amazing people, and that makes me look forward to coming into the office. I work at our front desk, answering phone calls and taking care of the patient check out process. I also review patient financial information, making sure that they understand their responsibilities and how our process works.

As for my personal life, I married my high school sweetheart. We’ve been married for over 20 years, now, and have two teenage sons. I love our National Parks and traveling to see them. I also love spending time with my friends and family. Being around people is a great passion of mine.

Samantha - Dental Hygienist

I am a very friendly, outgoing person, so working with patients on a personal level is right up my alley! To make sure my patients receive the utmost in hygiene care, I perform gentle yet thorough cleanings, periodontal therapy, screenings and exams, and provide education for proper home care. At Kellogg Dental, everyone is very friendly and personable. I've developed some great friendships over the years, both with my coworkers and my patients.

I live on a farm and have four horses, two of which are race horses (jog cart racing/standard bred), sheep, nine pigs, five dogs, a goat, and a cow. When I have a moment free, I like to go to the movies.