Kellogg Dental offers professional teeth whitening services to our patients. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures as it can be done both at your dentist’s office and at home. This procedure lightens the color of your teeth by removing stains and discoloration from the surfaces of your teeth. Whitening is used on the enamel of your teeth and is most effective on surface stains, though it can also lighten some stains that develop on the inside of your teeth.

Your dentist can whiten your teeth either during a dental appointment or they can recommend some whitening products to use at home. If you choose to have your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist, they may want to photograph your teeth first so that they can better monitor your progress. Then they will ask you some questions while examining your teeth to find out what caused the stains. Once your dentist has photographed your teeth and learned what caused the staining, either they or your dental hygienist will clean your teeth. This is to remove any plaque or food build up before your dentist begins the whitening process. Finally, with your teeth cleaned and examined, your dentist will apply a whitening gel to the surfaces of your teeth. The whole procedure can be done in one visit and you will see immediate results.     

If a professional teeth whitening service is not for you, your dentist will advise you on at-home whitening products. Your dentist can make custom trays to hold the whitening gel. You would apply the gel at home daily for about two to three weeks. Or your dentist can recommend an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit that will best suit your needs. These kits can contain whitening trays, paint-on whitening gel, or whitening strips. You can also find teeth whitening toothpastes and mouthwash but, as with any product you use on your teeth, make sure it is ADA approved.   

If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening, contact Kellogg Dental at 517-618-0987 to schedule an appointment.

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