Kellogg Dental provides our patients with fillings made of ceramic and plastic compounds designed specifically to look like natural teeth. These fillings are typically placed on the front teeth where a natural appearance is most important. However, they can also be used on the back teeth depending on the location of the cavity and extent of the tooth decay. 

If you need a filling, be sure to talk to your doctor about what type is best for you and your teeth. Prior to your treatment, your doctor will go over your options with you and help choose the best filling that suits your individual needs. Kellogg Dental recommends understanding the two types of dental fillings our practice offers before you have this discussion with your dentist.  

The first type of filling Kellogg Dental offers our patients is “direct.” Your dentist only needs one appointment to prepare your tooth, place the filling, and adjust it as needed.  Direct fillings are placed immediately into a prepared cavity, and include glass and resin ionomers, and composite (resin) fillings.  The second type of filling is “indirect.” Your dentist will need two or more visits for this type of filling because it includes fillings such inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, and bridges. Your dentist prepares your tooth during the first appointment, making an impression of the area to be restored. Then, they will place a temporary covering over the prepared tooth. During the last appointment, they will secure the restoration into the tooth’s prepared cavity, adjusting the filling as needed. 

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