Dr. Thomas Kellogg DDS

Being a dentist means I have been given a great gift, one I have to respect and use to better the lives of others. That I am able to help people get beyond their fears, to restore their health and chewing ability, to improve their smile which increases their self-confidence as they move through world, means I am blessed. There are few professions where an individual is allowed to be such an active participant in changing lives for the better, but dentistry is one. 

I am the fourth generation in my family to work in the healthcare industry. My great-grandfather, John Harvey Kellogg, MD, was the doctor who invented Kellogg corn flakes breakfast cereal. He was a pioneer in health and believed that dentistry was essential to a person’s well-being: having the ability to properly chew one’s food and consume healthy foods is essential. Now I am a dentist like my father and grandfather before me.

Providing healthcare to my patients is my focus. The patients who come to my team and me are incredible individuals. We love to see them excel in their lives, and our practice supports their success by helping them feel better, look better, and smile more often. Our patients entrust us with their health and the restoration of their mouths. We do not take that responsibility lightly and do all we can to ensure that their treatment achieves amazing results.

As a dentist, I am particularly honored when a patient who has dental anxiety works up the courage to come in for treatment. Here, we are non-judgmental and compassionate. We will make sure that each patient feels no pain and that he or she leaves our practice smiling, having learned that a visit to us is not something to worry about.


I am a staunch advocate of continuing education, no matter what one’s profession. This is especially true for those in the oral healthcare field, where there are medical and technological advancements on a seemingly daily basis. As a dentist, it is my duty to ensure my patients receive the most effective care available, and I can only make sure that happens by staying at the forefront of my field. I am continually seeking out education offerings in dental care to hone my skills and increase my knowledge.


I am also a staff member at McPherson Hospital in Howell.


I have lived my whole life here in Howell, MI, and love our community. When I’m not caring for my patients, you will find me attending charity events, functions, or out golfing or running. I am also involved with my church and go on many mission trips. Cooking has become a passion of mine; I have attended many overseas culinary schools to expand my culinary skills and repertoire, including in Barcelona, Valencia, and the Basque Country in Spain, and throughout France. Family is very important to me, I look forward to every moment I can spend with my daughters, Laura and Hannah, my son Ryan, and my dog Angel.


The Howell community has been so good to me, to my family, and to my team. My parents taught me to always be grateful and appreciative, and their generosity has inspired me to do the same. I travel throughout the world providing dental care to those who need it most. Locally, our practice participates in Dentistry from the Heart, which provides free oral healthcare to our community. Kellogg Dental has donated over $100,000 in free dental care and treated more than 500 patients over the last five years!

My family sponsors a Boy Scout camp for underprivileged youths in Kalkaska, MI, and I sponsor many charities, as well as provide financial grant monies for new facilities of nonprofits.